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Why Use a 
Pet Sitting Sevice?

Keeping your pets in the comfort of their own home is best for their health and well-being.  It will no longer be necessary to impose on friends or neighbors.  

Your pets will be calmer, and special needs for younger pups and senior pets can be better met.

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Laughing Cat Pet Sitting was started in 1998 by Holly Richards, a resident of Trent City. Providing loving care for all domestic house pets, Laughing Cat makes a wonderful alternative to kennels.  We are an insured and bonded service and proud members of the Better Business Bureau.  

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling can be stressful, especially when leaving sad-eyed best friends at home! Knowing your pets are well cared for eases the stress and gives you piece of mind. Your personal pet sitter will come to your home one, two or three times per day, depending on your pet's needs. Fresh food and water, medications if required, walks or a clean litter box are part of the service. Of course, lots of lovin' and affection are included free!


Phone:  512.555.1212

Insured and Bonded

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