Website Terms of Agreement - Pet Sitter's Center™

When ordering a web site through Pet Sitter's Center™, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Pet Sitter's Center™ reserves the right to review all content submitted for appropriate use.  Adult content, pictures or content that is deemed inappropriate, unethical or offensive in any way is not permitted on our hosting service.  Pet Sitter's Center reserves the right to refuse inclusion of content not approved and may edit as needed in the best interest of proper display of content.

  2. Updates for critical information is permitted once a month and routine non-critical updates quarterly.
    Critical updates are considered changes to: Phone number, service areas, rates/fees, service additions
    or deletions, or other changes that are critical to the everyday operation of a pet sitting business. Non-critical changes are considered non-essential items, such as changing photos, links, and such items that normal everyday business is not affected.  Any web page changes that involve more than 15 minutes of work will be charged at an additional $45.00 per hour and will not be updated until payment is made after preview approval.

    Turn-around time for changes (during non-vacation closures):  Approximately 7-15 WORKING days.

  3. Website templates, web pages, art work (except your own photos) and any features in the code cannot be transferred, uploaded or removed.  Cindy Correa grants a non-exclusive license to use proprietary images owned and copyrighted by same to the user of a web site template during the time he/she is a client of this service.  At any  time the contract is no longer in force between Cindy Correa and the client, the non-exclusive license to use the images is terminated.

  4. Pet Sitter's Center™ is the exclusive owner of the website and its contents.  If you decide to discontinue this service in the future, the website shall also be discontinued and all content removed.  Cindy Correa reserves the right to terminate service to any client for any reason without obligation to refund or pro-rate payments made for service.  If a client elects to discontinue service at any time after an annual renewal payment, Pet Sitter's Center will not refund or pro-rate any part of the service fee or domain renewal fees.  

  5. You, the client, are the owner of your own domain name ( Should service be discontinued from Pet Sitter's Center, you retain your domain name and can use it on another hosting service.  You will also be responsible for renewing your domain name after discontinuing service from Pet Sitter's Center™.  Only the website itself and its contents (except your own pictures) cannot be transferred or used elsewhere.  You must request transfer of the domain name to the registrar of your choice when leaving the service and retaining the domain name under your own management.

  6. Pet Sitter's Center™ reserves the right to not renew a domain name, hosting service or continue maintenance of website if client fails to pay renewal fees every year as required, in a timely manner.  Pet Sitter's Center is not responsible for domains that cannot be obtained because they are owned by another party, or lapsed or expired due to client or owner not renewing, or the domain becoming unavailable at the time a website is ready to go live due to purchase by another party.

  7. Pet Sitter's Center™ is not responsible for checking the accuracy of memberships, affiliations or credentials and educational claims made by its clients for display on websites.  Each client is responsible for the accuracy of their information and for requesting emblems, logos or wording to be placed or removed to best reflect truthfulness.

  8. Because of this low cost offer for specialized websites, Pet Sitter's Center™ cannot make alterations or additions to websites in order to comply with regulations imposed by select organizations in order for their logo or emblem to have authorization for display.  If you plan to display logos or emblems from organizations that impose regulations before logos or emblems can be displayed, please check with them first before ordering a website through Pet Sitter's Center™. As an alternative, you may also decide to not display the logo or emblem.

  9. It is prohibited to transfer any portion of the website template to another website outside this service.  This includes artwork, forms, text created by Pet Sitter's Center, or any other work that was done for the client while they were under service of Pet Sitter's Center.

  10. In no way will Pet Sitter's Center be held responsible for search engine ranking or position of the website (although websites will be submitted to the major search engines as part of the service).  Pet Sitter's Center cannot guarantee the success of a business, how many potential or existing clients will visit the website, how many hits will be generated, or other circumstances that are beyond the scope or control of the webmaster maintaining the website.

  11. Pet Sitter's Center cannot be held liable for damages, loss of business, disruption of email or other problems with website services due to issues related to the hosting service.  Pet Sitter's Center will do its best to be a liaison, working in conjunction with technical support of the hosting service to resolve issues, but cannot be held responsible for hosting issues out of the direct control of Pet Sitter's Center.

  12. Pet Sitter's Center will not be held liable for errors on the website of any kind, including typos, out of date information, or other issues.  The client is given ample opportunity to view and review the website in preview before going live, and while the web site is live and must notify Cindy Correa when edits and updates are required.

  13. Turn-around time for a website preview (except during vacation closures):  10-20 WORKING days.  Websites are put live shortly after client approves final edits.